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"who are you guys, anyway?"

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Hi. I'm Alan.
I run a small, but very energetic independent Media Design company based in Dublin, Ireland.

We plan, design and build well-made websites - well, at least we hope you think so.
We also believe in the old saying: "less is more". That's why we try to keep things simple and easy to look at.
The important thing is that we have (and always make an effort to keep) an open mind.

There are many things that make a good website and, over the years of perusing the internet, I've come to realize that many sites take long to load, or have music on as soon as you open the site. The thing that I've found to be even more annoying are all the extra pop-up windows that keep, well.... popping up.
Well, here at Urban Silence, we believe in "simplified eye-candy". Something you enjoy coming back to over and over again.
 Contact us today to get a customized website...designed for you - and the world!
In the meantime, in case you can't see the background photo through all this writing,
why not pause for a moment and enjoy a nice photo of beautiful
Dublin Bay.,